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Libertas Group is capacitated to conduct export and import operations autonomously, including the acquisition of goods, payments, legal services, transport and insurance. Operating through fiscally independent offices in three different countries we are able to take advantage of a free trade area that includes the EU, Russia and the CIS, CEFTA and Turkey. We trade with a wide array of products such as semi-processed materials, agricultural products and machinery, industrial equipment etc. For a complete list ask for our export catalogue.

Financial services

In partnership with the CKB (Commercial Bank of Montenegro) and other international banks, we are happy to offer our clients assistance in fulfilling their needs for financial services, either related to trade, investment or personal banking, with special attention on offshore and non-resident clients. As financial advisors we provide our clients with custom-fitted solutions in matters of taxation, company incorporation, bank account opening and procurement of banking products (loans, bank guarantees, letters of credit, escrow, custody accounts and credit insurance). 


As a complementary service we gladly extend to our clients the benefits of a longstanding relationship with public and private sector stakeholders from the markets we operate in. Libertas Group strives to offer high quality consultancy services in manufacturing industry, energy, tourism, infrastructure and the IT sector. We are primarily focused on securing our clients low-tariff or free trade options, tax and other incentives, and reliable investment projects by choosing the most suitable country and sector from our portfolio.



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